Canggu, Bali

This area has seen a surge and increase in popularity over the last decade. The black stone beach has a reef that is ideal for surfers of an intermediate level. Along this coast they can test out their skills and improve them as well.

In peak seasons the place can get rather crowded. However, the waves are still of good quality in quieter months. There are several vintage board shops to visit, as well as some great cafes to go to in between sessions.

Sennen Cove, Cornwall

Sennen Cove is one of the more peaceful places in England to go surfing. It is an hour away from the main hub of the sport, Newquay. The journey is well worth it. The area is revered for the consistency of its waves.

Surfers are also attracted to the place because it is much less crowded than other nearby beaches in Cornwall. The geography is wild and unspoiled. There is also a surfing centre which gives beginners lessons for a fair fee.

Hoddevik, Norway

In older times surfing in such cold waters would have proved impossible. However, today all it takes is a modern insulating wetsuit. This investment will allow a person to surf in beautiful untamed coasts like Hoddevik.

This area is almost always quiet. Crowds are never an issue. The waves are protected by rugged cliffs that surround the waters. This, accompanied by a strong swell, means that the surf is very consistent. There are breaks for each different skill level.

Waikiki, Hawaii

Hawaii is where this grand sport originated and there is no better place in the state for surfing than Waikiki. The water is warm and clear, with waves that are both gentle and warm. This makes standing up much easier for beginners.

This area will allow surfers to experience a smooth ride. The tropical beaches are tranquil and less dangerous than some of the others on this list. One thing that can be an issue is the abundance of tourists that flock to the place. Despite this, Waikiki is the spiritual home of the sport.

Lagos, Portugal

In Lagos there are swells to suit all skill levels. Each are in driving distance of each other. The different waters on offer are very impressive. Beginners can learn all they need to know in Meia Praia.

Pros can travel 20 miles to the beautiful destination of Zavial, which has a renowned point break. There are courses for people who want to improve their surfing. Some are taught by seasoned professionals.