Surfing and bodyboarding are two of the most popular water sports performed around the world. Both professionals and amateurs enjoy it. This is because they are easy to learn and do not require expensive items, aside from the board itself. On the surface both activities may look very similar. However, there are a number of important differences.

Knowing these can help a person determine which sport is better for them to pursue. Generally speaking, if a person learns one then they are equipped to perform the other activity. The main thing to decide is which one they will focus on.

The Differences

The main difference is that surfboards allow the user to stand up on them. Bodyboards are smaller and standing up will likely cause damage to them. Instead, bodyboarders lie on their board. Consequently their stance is more horizontal and closer to the water.

On a surfboard a person can ride much larger waves. This activity also tends to be done further out to sea. However, on a bodyboard the waves look bigger since the rider is lying down. The surf is always breaking high overhead of the person.

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of bodyboards is that they can be more conveniently stored. They are small enough to fit inside the trunk or seat of a car. In comparison, a surfboard can be cumbersome and will need a roof rack for transportation.

Those who have enjoyed both activities will often tell people that they offer two very different sensations. Surfing is balance based and bodyboarding is more about speed. The latter also allows the rider to get a better feel of the tide.

A surfboard can be steered much more easily, whereas a bodyboard allows for an added sense of acceleration. The rider in this case has their feet in the water and so can paddle, increasing propulsion.

This type of boarding also lets the person drop into the faces of vertical waves. Surfing into this type of water is technically impossible. However, a surfer – and his qualified teams – could always lie on their board and have the same access as its smaller counterpart.

Economics will also play an important role in a person’s decision. Surfboards are the significantly more expensive option. This type of boarding will also usually require a level of training. With bodyboarding lessons are not necessary and the activity can be done immediately with ease.